for you

Beyond teaching and composing, I love sharing music in various ways.

My main instrument is the piano and I often love to combine it with other instruments like handpan, guitar, cajón, native flute, and many others. 

Whether as a solo performer or alongside other talented musicians, bringing magic of live music. 

At the moment we are creating beautiful concerts with the group “desde’l KoraSon” combining instruments like Kora, Handpan, N’Goni, Piano, Cajón and many more.  Contact me if you would like us to play somewhere – we are happy to play in different beautiful locations.

Meditative music:
Intuitive piano (and/or handpan) playing for events like yoga classes, breathwork sessions, and other conscious events, enriching the profound experience of these moments.

Artistic accompaniment:
Live musical accompaniment for artistic projects like dancing, theater, visual arts, and more.

Music for different kind of events:
I offer my piano music also for weddings, corporate gatherings, art fairs, birthdays, and many more.


My approach is deeply intuitive, allowing me to improvise and adapt to the energy of the moment. I also possess a large repertoire, from compositions of Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen, to Coldplay and timeless classics of The Beatles to even the emotive world of movie soundtracks.

You have any visions or want to plan something? Let’s speak about it and let’s create something together!