yoga meets live music

With ChloeMarieĀ & Shirin

We would like to take you on an intuitive yoga class with live piano accompaniment!

This yoga class is not about learning yoga, it’s about experiencing yoga – experiencing yourself and trying it out. We use the asana practice as a support to glide into an intuitive flow in which you take the lead and let your body run free with its needs and movement desires. We invite you to sound and breathe with us and immerse yourself completely in the wonderful music. ChloeMarie will accompany us with meditative and improvised handpan and piano music. The melodic sounds and soothing frequencies are particularly regenerating and uplifting.
The vibrations created by the sounds move the entire space around you and within you.

So you can look forward to falling into bed calm and fulfilled at the end of the evening…

Yoga meets piano and handpan Chloe Marie