yoga nidra with live music

with Lotti & ChloeMarie

at the Yoga Festival in Überlingen

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is one of the most beautiful and effortless relaxation meditations there is.

We live in an age where we are always doing, always wanting to get higher, faster, further. Yoga Nidra, on the other hand, is like a long exhalation, an invitation to pause, to let go and to relax deeply. It is the antithesis of doing.

During yoga nidra, we are in a state between wakefulness and sleep.

This state of consciousness is not only incredibly healing and regenerating, but also paves the way for us to get in touch with deeper levels of ourselves and experience a bliss independent of external states.

And all this accompanied with live intuitive piano playing.

We’re looking forward to see you in September in Überlingen!

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